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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Purchasing a new home also means buying that home’s problems. With a pre-purchase home inspection you can see exactly what you’re buying. Problems discovered during the inspection could allow you to renegotiate to offset the costs of repairs — potentially saving you thousands of dollars. We’ll even help you become familiar with the property.

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Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Sometimes selling your home can be just as much of a roller coaster as buying one. Getting a pre-listing home inspection can help ensure a quick and smooth transaction. You can enter the selling process with confidence that there won’t be any nasty surprises. You’ll also avoid delays, which could last for weeks or even months.

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Insurance Liability Home Inspections

An Insurance Hazard Inspection will identify both major and minor hazards that may have a negative impact on your homeowners insurance. Unresolved issues can result in increases in cost for your homeowners insurance, or potential cancellation. Resolving these hazards may lower your insurance premiums, saving you money in the long run.

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New Construction Inspections

Unfortunately, new does not always mean perfect. In fact, new doesn’t even guarantee good. Material defects and human error during the construction process can lead to expensive problems later on. A new construction home inspection can help identify these problems early, when they’re cheaper to fix. Some issues may even be covered under warranty.

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Home Maintenance Inspections

An annual home maintenance inspection will help to identify potential problems before they can become major financial or safety issues. With a trained eye, we know where and how to look for problems that might go unnoticed for years. A home maintenance inspection covers common problem areas including the roof and attic, basement and foundation, grading and drainage, electrical systems, water heating systems, and much more.

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Commercial Building Inspections

Protect your business with a commercial building inspection. We offer inspections on many commercial properties such as apartment buildings, industrial buildings, office buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, and more. We’ll uncover valuable information regarding the structure and foundation, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, pavement systems, and so on.

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Quality Assurance Final Inspections

A quality assurance inspection is conducted after the builder has completed the construction of the house. We will conduct a thorough quality assurance inspection of the property before you purchase the house to ensure everything is turn key ready before you move into your new home. With that information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make an informed decision regarding this major purchase. We will have the inspection report completed and to you within 24 to 48 hours after the inspection is ordered.

What is Included in a Home Inspection?


I check faucets and showers, looking for visible leaks as well as testing the water pressure. I will identify the types of pipes used, if visible. I will also detect where the main water shutoff valve is located.


I will identify the type of wiring, test all outlets and make sure there are GFCIs installed where needed to protect from electrical shock. I will also inspect the electrical panel for safety issues and fire hazards.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. I will determine the age of the furnace and air conditioner, whether or not they function properly, and possibly recommend repairs or maintenance.

Water Heater

I will determine the age of the water heater and check to be sure it has been properly installed. I can also determine the condition and possibly give an estimated remaining life span of the unit.


I will inspect the mechanical exhaust system for the clothes dryer. The clothes dryer must vent directly to the outdoors, unless it is a ventless dryer. A poorly ventilated dryer exhaust can be a serious fire hazard.

Fire Safety

I will test the smoke detectors and ensure that the garage wall, if present, has the proper fire rating and is undamaged. I will also check the fireplace for proper installation and maintenance.


I will check toilets & tubs for visible leaks, & proper ventilation to prevent moisture related issues. I will also inspect toilets to see they’re flushing, run showers to see they spray & be sure drains are draining.


If possible, I will check for any structural damage and for proper ventilation. I will also check for leaks and the insulation to ensure that nothing is ventilated directly into the attic, such as the bathroom.


I will check exterior walls for damaged or missing siding, cracks, and excessive soil contact which can be an invitation for pests. I will also check the foundation for possible failure, indicated by cracks or settling.


I will check to ensure that the ground slopes away from the house, which prevents water from entering the house or causing damage to the foundation. I will also check for any obvious soggy areas.


If accessible and visible, I will look for defects in the roof, including attic shingles, flashing and fascia. I will also inspect gutters to be sure they are secure and look for defects in chimneys and skylights.


I will inspect the garage foundation, windows, ceiling, and framing. I will test the garage for proper ventilation and be sure the doors operate properly. I will also inspect and test the outlets electrical system.

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